BYU Women Win D1 Playins

BYU's Cajin Christianson breaks through the defense. (Shelby Peterson photo)

Saturday, April 2, 2011
By Jackie Finlan -

BYU's Women Cougar Rugby defeated Chico State 39-10 during yesterday's DI college Pacific Coast playin final. The teams advanced to the final after wins against Oregon (62-5 to CSU) and California (67-21).

"We really came out firing in the first 20 minutes of the game against Chico," BYU coach Tom Waqa said. "As a coach, you want them to do that consistently and this is encouraging. We scored a try from flyhalf Kara Remington in the first 30 seconds of the 1st half."

Remington's try set a nice tone for the home team, and it was an improvement over BYU's game against California, who were able to score more often than Waqa would have liked.

"We played much better than yesterday," Waqa referenced the Cal game. "We controlled the ball, and our defense improved alot compared to the Cal game. We still have room for improvement, and will be working on maintaining composure for a full 80 minutes. There were times when we lost our concentration and made mistakes, which happens when good teams pressure you. But those technical mistakes can be fixed."

Chico's forwards posed the biggest problem for BYU, and multiple series of punches in the second half accounted for one of CSU's tries. But Waqa was pleased overall with the team's defense, which stood strong in the red zone, but needs some shoring up around the fringes.

"One of the highlights of the game against Chico was when prop Erin Treasure outran everyone 50 meters to score in the second half," Waqa said. "The big names did the usual, but I’ll give this to our supporting cast. They really stepped it up."

BYU Women 67 Cal 21

BYU Women's scrum squared off against Cal. Photo by Shelby Peterson

Friday April 1, 2011
By Jackie Finlan -

A couple of massive scores from BYU and Chico State have seen the two women's DI colleges through to the Pacific Coast Playin final. Both teams regardless of finish will move onto the territorial final four on April 15, joining Stanford and UC Davis in competition for the three national seeds.

BYU got the day rolling with a 67-21 win over California, Nor Cal's #4 seed.

"We are glad we put this one away, knowing that there was alot at stake," BYU coach Tom Waqa said. "The first game of playoffs is always tough. I’m proud of the girls for coming through with this one. The strength of schedule is always tricky for us, simply because we play Utah DII sides, and we can’t really measure up to NorCal teams, until the playoffs."

California was able to pressure BYU in the beginning and end of the game, but the Cougars were still able to build a 46-7 halftime lead. The forwards supported the All American backline well and produced some good go-forward ball that allowed standouts Kristi Jackson and Rebekah Siebach to score three tries apiece.

"I'm glad they showed us what we need to improve on," Waqa said. "We found our rhythm midway through the first half and began to execute a lot better."

BYU kept a watchful eye on Chico State, which played well against Oregon, winning 62-5 in the other playin semifinal. The two victors will face off in tomorrow's (Saturday) final.

Box  Score:  BYU 67 - Tries: Chanel 2, Rebekah 3, Star 1, Kristi 3, Sam 1 Conversions: Star 6 Kara 1 Penalty: Star 1
Cal 21 - Tries: 3 Conversions 3

Rugby: BYU Women Shutdown Utah State


Saturday, March 19, 2011 : 9am

PROVO, UT - BYU Women played Utah State University on Saturday, and won convincingly by a score of 79 - 0. It was a fine performance by the young Cougars, who are just getting ready for Pac Coast Round 1 of the playoffs. The Cougars piled up 13 tries to USU 0. Top performers were Kristi Jackson (4 tries) and Rebekah Siebach (3 tries).
Center Kristi Jackson on the burst for BYU. Numina Photo.
Box Score

Tries: Kristi Jackson 4, Ela Wolfgram 1, Rebekah Siebach 3, Keilani Paul 1, Kara Remington 2, Keelia Harker 1, Kayla Ellingson 1

Conversions: Kara R 2, Star Bollinger-Monson 6

USU - 0

Final Score:
BYU Women 79 Utah State 0

-- CRN News Editor

Cougar Women's Box Score - Mar 12, 2011


Orem, UT: BYU Women doubled up on Saturday against a Salt Lake Slugs, and UVU. The BYU seconds played an impressive game against a bigger SLC club team, and went down 24 -14. The seconds gained valuable experience from that game.

BYU Women's 1st XV took on a UVU side that had a good showing at the Champagne Classics in San Diego. Cougar women came out on top winning by 87 -5. The Cougars 1st XV piled up 13 tries to 1 for UVU. It was a good consistent performance by a side that rebuilding for post season. Kristi Jackson was named player of the match with her 5 try rout.

Box Score
Game 1: BYU B vs SLC
SLC Slugs (Club)
Tries: 4
Conv: 2

Tries: Chanel 2
Con: Chanel 1
Conv: Jessie B

Game 2: BYU vs UVU
Tries: Cajin 1, Kara 2, Kristi 5, Kee 2, Ela 2, Star 1
Conv: Star 8, Kara 3

Try: Anon 1

Final Score: BYU 87 UVU 5

-CRN Editor

Cougars Build Towards Season

Cougar Women huddle before Chico St. game - LVI '11

By Jackie Finlan - - Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 may be a breakout year for Women's Cougar Rugby (Brigham Young University), as USA Rugby has shifted the Women's National DI College Championships from a Saturday/Sunday schedule to a Friday/Saturday format. The last couple of years, WCR has petitioned the governing body for the alteration -- a concession made for the team's male counterparts before BYU moved to the CPL -- since the team's Mormon faith prohibits play on Sunday.

The issue came to the forefront last year, when Penn State and BYU were scheduled to meet in the national quarterfinals, a match-up many were eager to see play out. But the Provo, Utah, team had to forfeit -- even though BYU and PSU, both offered to double up on Saturday games -- since the game was scheduled for Sunday. Now, with seemingly no road blocks ahead, the Pacific Coast powerhouse is looking to progress deep into the post-season. For coach Tom Waqa, the keys to a successful season are relatively simple.

"Number one priority right now is to keep them healthy," Waqa said at the Las Vegas Invitational last week. "We'll make progress in the league if we maintain consistency. We have good retention from the last couple of years and that's helped the program a lot."

BYU Women's New Look 2011

BYU Women's Rugby Seniors 2011 pose with new CCC jerseys.
By CRN News Editor - Monday, December 27, 2010

Provo, UT - Womens Cougars will have a new look this coming season 2011 to 2012 with the arrival of brand new International Sublimate Jerseys courtesy of our sponsors and Canterbury of New Zealand - USA. The new vibrant look will definitely bring out their personality and a strong mental attitude towards the game and the team they are playing for.

There is an alternate jersey similar to the BYU Men's team navy and white stripes only with thicker 4" stripe. These are simple designs put together by Team Officials and Coaches.

We are indeed grateful to our generous donors, parents who have made this transition possible. The cougars will open the season with a mandatory meeting at BYU on Wed - January 5th, time and venue TBA.

The first game is scheduled for 9am, Feb 11, 2010  in against Chico State University at the Las Vegas Invitational Tournament, Las Vegas, by the Sam Boyd Stadium Fields.

BYU Womens Cougar Rugby Navy Custom CCC Jersey 2011

BYU Women Sweep Through Stanford 10s

BYU Women Sweep Through Stanford 10s

By Alex Goff (Photos by Dobson Images) -

STANFORD, CALIFORNIA - BYU were the stars of the women's bracket of the Stanford 10s Saturday (October 30, 2010) in Palo Alto, putting two teams in the final with BYU Blue coming out victors.

Eight clubs brought 12 teams to the tournament, which has teams field lineups of ten players - five forwards (bo back row) and five backs.

BYU Blue ended pool play undefeated at 5-0, but BYU White's day was more up and down. They started well, beating the EPA Ravorbacks 45-0, but struggled somewhat to put teams away, beating the Barbarians 14-12 and Chico 7-5, and lost to Cal Blue 21-15.

BYU Blue, however, were dominant, beating Oregon State by forfeit (OSU was late) and then Cal Gold 57-0, SF Fog 47-0 and HUmboldt White 46-5 before taking care of Stanford 47-7.

Still the pool rankings put both BYU teams at the top (Cal Blue lost twice after beating the Cougars team).

In the final, BYU Blue won comfortably 36-0 with captain and scrumhalf Kara Remington named MVP.

She was complemented by Morgan Rovetti, who was outstanding at flyhalf, Kristi Jackson and Star Bollinger at center, and Rebekah Siebach at wing.

"I'm proud of the girls for turning out and executing," said BYU coach Tom Waqa. "We achieved our goals coming into the tournament. We could improve a lot on certain areas, but that'll come over time."

BYU Womens Cougar's B 48 Lowland U19 0

Womens Cougar Scrum vs UNM 2010

Provo, UT - BYU Womens Cougars B squad took on a young Lowland U19 side on Saturday October, 9, 2010 and came through 48 - 0. The Cougars managed to work some depth on this squad for most of the game. Lowland U19 held the Cougars to a 7 - 0 lead in the first half. Ashley Burge (8) scored for the BYU Women. Lowland put on a good defensive effort in the first 30 minutes, when the Cougars were camped on the Lowland territory for most of the first half.
In the second half, after some personnel adjustments, Cougars tidied up their game, and executed a lot better. BYU women starters got to play the last 10 minutes of the game. The Cougars scored through Ashley Burge again, Kara Longhurst - 1 try + 2 conversions, Monica Jackson - try, Morgan Rovetti - 2 tries, Kristi Jackson - try , Eric Treasure - try and Chanel Arts kicked 2 conversions.

Rachel Longhurst (prop) and Melissa Massey, (open side flanker - 7), had outstanding games for the Cougars.

There is still a lot of things to work on especially with decision making, and fundamentals of ball handling. Body position in contact situation is concern, but we've got some time to fix that this semester.

Womens Cougar B 48 Lowland U19 0

-- Sports Editor, Cougar Rugby News

BYU Women B vs Lowland U19 - Saturday 10/09/10

Provo-UT: Womens Cougar Rugby B will take on Lowland U19 out of Utah, for a friendly match at home in Provo this Saturday October 09, 2010 at 9am. Admission is free - we accept donations to our rugby club.


Saturday · 09:00am - 11:00am

Fort Utah Park - Rugby Field, 200 N Geneva Rd, Provo, UT 84601


Free - feel free to:

Email: womenscougarrugby(at)