WCR 26 UNM 5


Kylie Maclennan going for the tryline - UNM 2010

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - (BYU) Womens Cougar Rugby travelled to UNM this past Saturday March 6, 2010 and played the University of New Mexico Lobos Womens rugby team on their newly renovated UNM Football Stadium. The weather was perfect for a rugby game. BYU came away with the W, running in 4 tries to UNM's 1. Score 26 - 5.

It was the Cougars first game together since November 2009, and they looked a bit rusty in the first half. Scrum half Kylie Maclennan scored off a 5 meter scrum, and Star Bollinger slotted an amazing kick from the corner to make it 7-0 minute in the first minute of the game. The entire first half was played in UNM half, but WCR only managed to come with another try through an overlap to winger Larissa Nakamitsu. Star Bollinger again converted from the corner to make it 14-0 at the half.

WCR had trouble adjusting to officials throughout the game. Opponents keep backing away from rucks, and Cougar girls getting called for diving over repeatedly. But they could have used a little consistency and fairness from the officials. Both sides were guilty of that.

Star Bollinger opened up the second half with an individual try from halfway to make that 19 - 0 about 10 minute sinto the second half. UNM came back strongly but only to be denied by some relentless defense by the Cougars. A good scrum by the Cougars, setup a good platform for the backs, and Kylie Maclennan recognized an opening and ran 40 meters, beat a couple of would-be tacklers and scored beside the cross-bar. Rebecca Bunnell converted to make it a 26 - 0 game.

Cougars for Las Vegas Invitational 2010

PROVO-UT - The Womens Cougars will attend the Las Vegas Invitational this weekend playing in the Womens Open Sevens Tournament. It should a fun tournament for the girls, most of them playing sevens for the very first time. But the most important, is the opportunity to watch the International Rugby Board (IRB) Sevens series in Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas.

Sevens Schedule for Womens Cougars - Friday February 12, 2010
Field 11
800 BYU Women v Lady BlackJacks WO7
820 Satiated Beavers v University of Minnesota Women WO7
840 Rochester Renegades v SLOTS WO7
900 Velvet Pigs v UC Santa Cruz WO7
920 Flamingo's v Lady BlackJacks WO7
940 Tenei Toa O' Laie v University of Minnesota Women WO7
1000 Laie Park Ladies v SLOTS WO7
1020 Twin Cities Amazons v UC Santa Cruz WO7
1040 Flamingo's v BYU Women WO7
1100 Tenei Toa O' Laie v Satiated Beavers WO7
1120 Laie Park Ladies v Rochester Renegades WO7
1140 Twin Cities Amazons v Velvet Piglets WO7
1200 13 #3 Pool 1 v #3 Pool 2 WO7
1220 14 #3 Pool 3 v #3 Pool 4 WO7
1240 15 #2 Pool 1 v #1 Pool 3 WO7
100 16 #2 Pool 2 v #1 Pool 4 WO7
120 17 #1 Pool 1 v #2 Pool 3 WO7
140 18 #1 Pool 2 v #2 Pool 4 WO7
200 19 Winner 13 v Winner 14 WO7
220 20 Loser 15 v Loser 16 WO7
240 21 Loser 17 v Loser 18 WO7
300 22 Winner 15 v Winner 16 WO7
320 23 Winner 17 v Winner 18 WO7
340 24 Winner 20 v Winner 21 WO7
400 25 Loser22 v Loser23‐WO7
440 26 Winner 22 v Winner 23 Women Open Final WO7

Saturday February 13, 2010 - Schedule
8.00am - Watch BYU Mens vs. Southern Utah University
10.30 - IRB Sevens @ Sam Boyd Stadium

Go Cougars!

Excellence in Rugby Awards - Fall '09

PROVO, UTAH - Womens Cougar Rugby Club ended Fall 2009 season on a high note by rewarding some of the players with Excellence in Rugby Performance Awards. The Most Valuable Players were voted by the team members whereas the Most Improved Award recipients were selected by the Coaches. Two of the senior players who played their last season this Fall 09, were inducted into the WCR Hall of Fame Class of 2009. This has been a club tradition since 2005. It was another breakup party to be remembered.

Excellence in Rugby Performance Award Recipients Fall 2009

Standing from Left to Right: Autumn Gardner (Most Valuable Forward, Hall of Fame - Class of 2009), Rebecca Bunnell (Most Valuable Player), Tressa Tenney (Most Improved Player), Kristi Jackson (Most Valuable Back, Top Try Scorer-Tie), Star Bollinger (Top Try Scorer-Tie, Top Points Scorer), Jaime Hill (Hall of Fame - Class of 2009)
Kneeling from Left to Right: Shelby Peterson (Most Improved Back), Keilani Paul (Most Improved Forward)

The Team will reassemble on Monday, January 4, 2010 - First day of Winter Class in a mandatory meeting at an LRC room, BYU Library 5pm - 6pm.

CoachT - Editor in Chief

Invictus - The Game That Made a Nation


Matt Damon plays Francois Pienaar No. 6 Flanker in Invictus.

South Africa - From director Clint Eastwood, “Invictus” tells the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa’s underdog rugby team as they make an unlikely run to the 1995 World Cup Championship.

This is a good piece of history on the movie. It is well written. The book Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation tells the true story about what happened in South Africa at that time, about Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for about 27 years, then he came out to be voted South African President. An inspiring account of what happened on that Championship day. The rest is history!

Here is the trailer below. If you don't feel it, rugby can never be part of you. It's inspiring! "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Nelson Mandela.

I remember watching the 1995 Rugby Word Cup finals live back then. New Zealand All Blacks (rugby Yankees) with legends & elites like Jonah Lomu, Zinzan Brooke, Sean Fitzpatrick, Josh Kronfeld, Jeff Wilson and Andrew Mertens against underdogs South Africa led by real life attorney Francois Pienaar at Flanker. It was fun to watch great rugby!

WCR 34 Salt Lake Slugs 5

Fullback Becky Bunnell and Center Kristy Jackson on attack.

Murray, UT - Womens Cougars put on fine display of fitness and athleticism to down a much experienced Salt Lake team last Saturday November 21, 2009. Cougars ran in 6 tries to Slug's one winning the game by 34 - 5. Cougars need to work hard in the tackle area and breakdowns in order to compete with the big programs such as Penn Sate, Brown, Army and Stanford. This game against these regular club sides who are made up of more experienced women, will help the cougars achieve this goal. The midfield partnership of Star Bollinger and Kristi Jackson who both had two tries each, worked well for the Cougars.

This is the last game of this semester, and as they move forward towards next Winter/Spring, Coach Tom Waqa will be looking to key senior players to step up and lead the team into the playoffs. The Cougars have done well with a 10 - 0 record for this semester, but a lot of work has to be done going into 2010 season.

Score: WCR 34 SL Slugs 5 Tries: Tressa 1, Kristi 2, Jaime 1, Star 2 Conversions: Becky 2

CoachT, Editor – Cougar Rugby News

WCR 59 Weber State University 0

Demonstration on the theory of "Evolution of Rugby Women". Rachel Longhurst on the pick and jam. Support crew missed "body-position 101" class.

Provo, UT - Womens Cougars dominated a Weber State Wild Cats on Saturday November 14, 2009. The newly formed Weber State Womens team did what they could to contain a more experienced Collegiate side. Wild Cats have been practicing hard this semester for this game, with about 2 game scrimmages to prepare for this one. The Cougars ran in 11 unanswered tries with No. 8 Tressa Tenney and Inside Center Kristi Jackson scoring hat-tricks. However there are still room for improvements as always. Cougars 59 Weber State 0.

Assistant Coach Clayton Leonard managed the team from the sidelines as Head Coach Tom Waqa and Assistant Coach Eric Taito were away for the 2009 National Touch Rugby Championship in Gilbert, Arizona. Regular Starters Star Bollinger and Keelia Harker also attended the Touch Tournament playing for Tumeke CA Touch club who were runners up to the Championship in the Mixed competition.

WCR vs. Weber State @ Provo: 11am
Score: WCR 59 Weber State 0 Tries: Audrey M 1, Jaime H 1, Larissa N 1, Lexy N 1, Tressa T 3, Kristi J 3, Diana V 1 Conversions: Lexy N 2

CoachT, Editor – Cougar Rugby News

WCR 30 Provo Lady Steelers 19

Womens Cougar Scrum vs Lady Steelers Fall 09

Provo, Utah - Womens Cougars withstood a strong and very physical Provo Lady Steelers side today at Fort Utah Park, Provo, Utah. WCR started of two quick tries through an outstanding run from center Star Bollinger. Second try was by some quick ball movements for Kayla Ellingson to score in the corner. Provo came back with two quick tries to lead 14 - 10. Becky Bunnell slotted a penalty to close that gap 14 - 13 with 8 minutes remaining in the half. Again Cougars put in a good drive near the end of the half and super sub Tressa Tenney dove in the corner to make it 18 - 14 at the half.

Second half was no different with both teams trying to establish dominance. Another broken play in the middle of the field led to Star Bollinger playing soccer with the rugby ball all the way to the Provo line. Becky converted that to make it 25-14. Provo scored again towards the end before WCR finally put on some good phases for Keelia Harker to score in the corner to put the game away 30 - 19.

This was probably one of the most highly contested womens game in Utah Rugby Union in a very long time. It was very very physical encounter, one that the BYU women really needed going into the end of this semester and next semester.

WCR vs. Lady Steelers @ Provo: 11am
Score: WCR 30 Lady Steelers 19 Tries: WCR - Star 2, Tressa 1, Kayla 1, Keelia 1, Conversions: Becky 1, Penalty: Becky 1 Provo Ladies - Tries: Adi 1, Lavi 1, Anonymous 1 Conversions: Stephanie 2

Autumn Orbit Gardner Lineout take against Lady Steelers

CoachT, Editor – Cougar Rugby News

Denver Black Ice wins High Desert, BYU tops Collegiate Pool

Cougars maul Air Force to the try line, High Desert 09, NM.

Albuquerque, NM - The Denver Black Ice won the women's bracket of the High Desert tournament Sunday, defeating New Mexico's Atomic Sisters 66-0 in the final.

The Sisters upset the VBoulder Babes 10-8 in the semis, while the Black Ice defeated Texas Tech 24-0.

Texas Tech looked very good during the entire tournament, losing to (BYU) WCR 12 - 0 before beating the University of New Mexico 43-10 and Air Force 19-3 - all DI teams.

(BYU) WCR swept their Saturday games, beating Texas Tech 12 - 0, New Mexico 20 - 0 and Air Force 19 - 3. The tournament allowed them to only play Saturday (they won't play Sunday) and coach Tom Waqa said he was grateful for the opportunity to play.

Rebecca Bunnell was outstanding for the Cougars.

"We appreciate being able to play these tough games on the Saturday," said Waqa. "It was worth coming here for that."

Box Score/Stats

BYU 12 Texas Tech 0 - Tries: Samantha Wright 1, Cajin Christianson 1 Conversion: Rebecca Bunnell 1

BYU 19 Air Force 3 Tries: Star Bollinger 1, Autumn Gardner 1, Kristi Jackson 1 Conversions: Rebecca Bunnell 2

BYU 20 UNM 0 Tries: Monica Jackson 1, Samantha Wright 1, Keelia Harker 1 Penalty: Rebecca Bunnell 1 Conversions: Rebecca Bunnell 1

WCR Team - High Desert Tour 09 Alberqueuque, NM

High Desert Tour 09 Albuquerque, NM: Cajin Rain Christianson, Haliaka Kauwe , Megan Guinter , Lexy Newby , Autumn Orbit Gardner , Audrey Mitchell, Kimberly Delaplane, Hoku Kubota , Keelia Harker , Jena Baker, Monica Hilarie Jackson, Rachel Longhurst , Star Bollinger , Kara Longhurst , Kristi Jackson , Ruth Bennett, Samantha Wright, Shelby Mei Peterson , Rebecca Leigh Bunnell , Kayla Ellingson , Jaime Lyn Hill , Larissa Nakamitsu, Tressa Lynn Tenney, Jess Dall

CoachT, Editor – Cougar Rugby News

WCR 46 UVU 12

Fullback Becky Bunnell and Center Kristy Jackson on attack.

Orem, UT - WCR defeated UVU in style on Saturday Oct 10th 2009, by racking up 7 tries and a penalty to UVUs 2. WCR managed to get some new recruits some much needed playing time in preparation for the High Desert Tournament in Alburquerque, NM.

Center Star Bollinger was outstanding for the Cougars racking up two tries, two conversions and 1 penalty kick from long range.

WCR vs. UVU @ Orem: 11am
Score: WCR 46 UVU 12 Tries: Justine 2, Star 2, Kayla 1, Kristi 1, Keelia 1, Penalty: Star 1, Conversions: Lexy 2, Star 2

CoachT, Editor – Cougar Rugby News

WCR 24 USU 5

USU vs WCR Lineout. Rachel Longhurst, Jaime Hill on the lift. Autumn Gardner in orbit.

Logan, UT - Womens Cougars overcame a strong Aggie's pack to win it by 24 - 5 on Saturday. Cougars got of to a slow start with 3 points after about 25 minutes of sustained pressure inside Utah State University half. Some uncharacteristic mistakes may have cost the Cougars more points on the board. The Cougars were able to win a quality ball out wide for winger Keelia to break through a tackle and offload to outside center Star Bollinger to score close to the corner. Becky Bunnell converted to make that 10 - 0. Aggies came back strong with good scrummaging, and applied pressure in the breakdowns. Utah State never gave up and scored off a tap penalty through prop forward Hannah Turner in the first half to make it 10 - 5 at the break.

Both teams came back with a lot more intensity in the half, with Aggies home crowd demanding a win for Utah State Home Coming weekend. WCR sustained Aggies pressure and moved the ball from side to side looking for opportunities. Cougars got a break forcing a turnover on the Aggies's 10 meter line, with scrumhalf Kara Longhurst attacking the short side creating an overlap for Justine to score in the corner. Bunnell converted to make it a 17 - 5 game.

The Cougars managed to score again this time through a break by inside center Kristi Jackson who broke through a couple tackles to score under the post. Becky Bunnell again converted to make it 24 - 5.

Head Coach Tom said, " We learned a lot from this game. Utah State is a good team, who rallied behind their pack. We will take this and move forward."

WCR vs. USU @ Logan: 11am
Score: WCR 24 USU 5 Tries: Star 1, Justine 1, Kristi 1, Penalty: Becky 1, Conversions: Becky 3

Winger Keelia Harker on full catch-pose. Becky Bunnell in support.

CoachT, Editor – Cougar Rugby News