BYU Takes On Colorado Mesa University

GRAND JUNCTION, CO- BYU met Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday, Oct.19th. 

The Cougars started the game with a quick pace allowing, inside center Delaney Rakuita, to find the try line in the 4th minute. The BYU backs continued to use their speed and charged CMU’s defense before they had time to set up. Flyhalf, Matalasi Morrissette and wing Alisa Baker soon followed with tries as well. 

CMU was quick to counter BYU’s rucks, but forwards such as Taylor Johnston and Kylie Clark continued to charge through and gain yards. 

At the half, BYU led 46-0.

With a few substitutions, BYU played just as quickly during the second half as they had in the first. CMU battled hard, but strong runs by Nicole Wilson and Morrissette continued to add to BYU’s score. BYU finished their tally at 112-0.

The Cougars will take on UVU on Oct. 26th at Helaman Fields in Provo. 

Scoring Summary 

Tries - Rakuita (4’), Morrissette (7’, 58’), Baker (10’, 14’), Johnston (26’, 36’, 38’), Aspinall (32’, 46’), Kalaniuvalu (43’, 54’), Duce (48’), Beagley (52’, 65’), Wilson (61’), Bennion (67’), Cox (71’)

Conversions - Baker (5’,16’, 40’, 47’), Cox (53’, 56’, 60’, 62’, 66’, 69’, 72’)

Halftime Score - BYU 46, CMU 0 

Final Score - BYU 112, CMU 0

BYU Starting Lineup

1. Pamela Patton 2. Elisa Monroe 3. Emily Briggs 4. Marin Spears 5. Marion Morrow 6. Teisa Kalaniuvalu 7. Kylie Clark 8. Taylor Johnston 9. Christina Miller 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. BreAnn Duce 12. Delaney Rakuita 13. Lewanda Aspinall 14. Alisa Baker 15. Nicole Wilson 


BYU Beats Montana State 88-5

BYU Cougars

BOZEMAN, Mont —The BYU Cougars traveled to Bozeman, Montana to take on Montana State University.

The Cougars started quickly with a forward-driven try by Marin Spears in the second minute. The forwards continued to power through the MSU defense allowing Alisa Baker and Kylie Clark to add to the scoreboard. A few minutes later, Tiana Tolman sprinted dizzyingly fast on the sideline to take in a 50-yard try. 

Both teams continued to battle for possession with the Cougars finding holes in MSU’s defensive line. MSU’s number four made hard runs to progress the Bobcats up the field, but at the half BYU led 51–0.

Both teams started the new half fighting for possession. Junior wing, Baylie Duce quickly took advantage of MSU’s dropped pass to start the scoring again for the Cougars.

MSU battled through and scored a last-minute try to finish the game 88– 5.

BYU is scheduled to play CMU on Oct.19th and UVU on October 26.

Scoring Summary 

Tries - Spears (2’), Baker (4’, 10’), Clark (7’, 30’), Tolman (14’), Morrissette (17’), Duce (22’, 49’, 64’), Kalaniuvalu (41’), Christensen (61’), Cox (68’), Wilson (73’), MSU (81’)

Conversions - Tolman (5’, 11’, 15’, 18’, 23’, 31’, 50’), Baker (69’, 75’)

Halftime Score - BYU 57  MSU 0 

Final Score - BYU 88, MSU 5

BYU Starting Lineup

1. Pamela Patton 2. Cierrah Garza 3. Hannah Beagley 4. Marin Spears 5. Marion Morrow 6. Tiesa Kalaniuvalu 7. Kylie Clark 8. Taylor Johnston 9. Christina Miller 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. Baylie Duce 12. Delaney Rakuita 13. Lewanda Aspinall 14. Alisa Baker 15. Tiana Tolman

BYU vs UVU Game Recap

October 4, 2019- The BYU Cougars faced neighboring UVU Wolverines in an exciting match up on Helaman Field.

The Cougars took an early lead in the first minute of play with a try by #8 Pamela Patton. The Cougars leveraged this strong start by quickly following it up with a driving try by #3 Emily Briggs and a maneuvering try by #15 Tiana Tolman.

Both the backs and forwards were forces to be reckoned with as they drove consistent tries for the remainder of the half. At halftime the Cougars led 51 – 0.

As substitutions were made, BYU kept driving the ball down the field, maintaining dominance and possession. 

The Cougars shut out the Wolverines with a final score of 73 – 0

The Cougars are scheduled to rival the Wolverines again on Saturday Oct. 26th.

Scoring Summary 

Tries - Patton (2’), Briggs (7’), Tolman (12’), Baylie Duce (17’), Aspinall (20’, 24’), Morissette (10’), Tenney (37’, 43’), Messick (48’), Wilson (57’), Lyons (66), Christensen (76’)

Conversions - Tolman (8’, 21’, 25’), Lyons (58’)

Halftime Score - BYU 51, UVU 0

Final Score - BYU 73, UVU 0

BYU Starting Line up

1. Hannah Beagley 2. Elisa Monroe 3. Emily Briggs 4. Marin Spears 5. Marion Morrow 6. Taylor Johnston 7. Kylie Clark 8. Pamela Patton 9. Christina Miller 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. Baylie Duce 12. Delaney Rakuita 13. Lewanda Aspinall 14. Alisa Baker 15. Tiana Tolman

BYU Takes Utah State In Season Opener

Pamela Patton vs ASU 2018

PROVO, Utah —The BYU women’s rugby team started their season with a win at home against Utah State on Saturday, Sept. 28th.

Both teams were excited to showcase what they have been practicing so far this season. BYU kicked off to Utah State, but it wasn’t long before the Cougars regained possession. Within minutes, Emily Briggs, a power player, and current team captain marched down centerfield for a try. 

Possessing the ball again, BYU progressed towards their try zone against a gritty Utah State defense. After holding the Cougars back, senior prop Pam Patton eventually drove in for a score. Tiana Tolman, new to the position of full-back, converted on the kick.

Six minutes into the half, she got a try of her own and then made the conversion, raising the total to 19-0. 

Possession continued to move back and forth, with some hard runs from Utah State’s number 10. Eventually, senior number 15, Alisa Baker, ripped through the defense for a try in the corner. Utah State’s defensive pressure, however, forced some BYU knock-ons towards the end of the second half. Undeterred, outside center Lewanda Aspinall, retaliated with an interception and try in the 17th minute.

Both teams had physical tackles and runs, but Baker and number 2 Hannah Beagley, each scored to finish out the half.  

Both teams came out with renewed energy to start the second period. Number 13 Aspinall scored within the first minute, and then USU’s number 13 found a line to put USU on the board in the 45th minute. 

BYU’s Clark and Monroe later scored, but USU surged back with three tries of their own. Throughout the half, BYU rotated players allowing for their large roster to gain experience. Freshman Nicole Wilson finished the match with a last-minute try.

Cross Town Rivalry Game FRIDAY

PROVO, Utah – Coming from an exciting victory over Utah State, BYU prepares to face the Utah Valley Wolverines this Friday. The crosstown rivals will face off at BYU Helaman Fields on the northwest corner of campus.  

Last week’s game showed promise for a rewarding season for the Cougars. The girls move forward after a 74 – 24 victory over Utah State. BYU showed dominance in both offense and defense allowing them to move past the Aggies and enter their season with confidence. 

Tickets for Friday’s game can be purchased at the game or at 



UVU vs. BYU @ Provo, UT 

Friday, Oct. 4, 2019 

5 pm MDT 

Helaman Field, 1600 N Canyon Rd, Provo, UT 84602 

Park at Lavell Edwards Stadium South Parking Lot 



General Admissions: $4 

Kids (0 –8yrs old): Free 

US Veterans: Free 

Tickets can be purchased at the game or at 

BYU Women’s Rugby Team Concludes Tryouts, New Roster Announced

By Dolli Player - Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kylie Clark - BYU Women's Rugby

Provo, UT - The top ranked Brigham Young University Women’s rugby team wraps up their fall season tryouts, announcing a 45-player roster and preparing for the start of USA Women’s DI College rugby game play.

“I feel really good about the future of the program,” said head coach Tom Waqa. “The quality of players has improved drastically since last year’s tryouts, and I look forward to having a good season with this group.”

The Cougars finished their winter season with a 48-0 victory against Virginia Tech in May of 2019, winning the USA Women’s College Spring DI National Championship. This is the highest rank that the team has achieved since their inaugural season as a BYU sanctioned team in 2016. Moving forward, the team is setting their sights on building a team that can defend that national title.

“Yes, the success of last year was big for our program, but we want to build on it and not rest on our laurels or be complacent,” Waqa said. “We want to work hard and earn our rank again this year.”

After three days of tryouts and 106 new participants, the BYU women’s rugby team announces a roster of 45 players. This roster includes 23 returning members squad members, as well as 22 new athletes.

New team captains were also announced at the conclusion of tryouts. Senior Emily Briggs was named captain, with senior Alisa Baker named as co- captain. Forwards position coach Tevita Atalifo and back line coach Kisa Kalougata also return this season to coach the team alongside Waqa.

Competitive play for begins the team on Saturday Sept. 28 at 10:30am against Utah State on home turf, after an intrasquad blue-white scrimmage on Sept. 21. For more information on game times and tickets, visit

Utah Attorney General Celebrates with BYU Women's Rugby at State Capitol

By Jenae Hyde - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - The Daily Universe

Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes poses with BYU Women's Rugby Team at State Capitol June 5, 2019. (Jenae Hyde)
Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes (top right) pose with BYU Women's Rugby players, and Head Coach Tom Waqa (bottom left), Extramural Sports Director Morris Havea (top left). (Jenae Hyde)

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes recently met with the BYU women’s rugby team to commemorate the team’s first USA Rugby D1 College National Championship.

“The Utah Attorney General’s Office congratulates the BYU women’s rugby team for winning this national championship and inspiring youth, and young women in particular, to further their educational goals, work hard, play by the rules and become winners on the field, in the classroom and in life,” Reyes said at a commendation ceremony on June 5.

Reyes earned his bachelor’s degree with summa cum laude distinction from BYU in 1994 and then earned his law degree from UC Berkeley with honors marks. He was the first statewide elected official in Utah from a minority community.

Reyes acknowledged the uniqueness of the team, using his own example of being the first elected minority official, and reminded the women of the responsibility that comes with that.

“You have with your success some responsibility,” Reyes said. “All of you are unique in many ways … with that, again, there is a responsibility. That’s one that you all carry with you wherever you go. You’re champions, and you need to remember that. Comport yourself that way.”

Triumph of the Spirit — BYU women’s rugby wins national championship

By Aaron Fitzner - Thursday, May 9, 2019 - The Daily Universe

BYU women’s rugby holds the national championship trophy. The jerseys worn in the championship game were the same jerseys that were worn during the Cougars’ first game as a recognized sport with BYU in 2015. (BYU women’s rugby)
BYU women’s rugby holds the national championship trophy. The jerseys worn in the championship game were the same jerseys that were worn during the Cougars’ first game as a recognized sport with BYU in 2015. (BYU women’s rugby)

Matthews, NC - The BYU women’s rugby team captured its first-ever national title on May 4 with an overwhelming 48-0 win over Virginia Tech. The story for this game, however, is more than the final score.

The story for this game started in 2000 when women’s rugby began at BYU. The script was revamped in 2010 when the women’s rugby squad chose to chase honor rather than a national title. In 2015, the script from this story was changed again when the rugby team became officially recognized by BYU. All of these stories became one telling tale of a team in 2019 that featured not only the current roster but every athlete that has ever put on a rugby jersey representing BYU.

When the women’s rugby squad at BYU was first organized in 2000, there were only a few players that started the program, and recruiting was tough. Students left the following summer, and only a few came back the following year. Julia Hobbs, a player from Oklahoma, was instrumental in keeping the program afloat at that point.

BYU Wins First DI College National Championship

BYU Women's Rugby win W DI College National Championship 2019

Saturday, May 4 2019 - By Jackie Finlan (Recap Courtesy of The Rugby Breakdown)

Matthews, Charlotte, NC - BYU has claimed its first USA Rugby DI College Spring Championship and capped the title run with a 48-0 win over Virginia Tech today in Matthews, N.C. Across three post-season games, the Cougars have outscored opponents 162-7.

Virginia Tech made the first big impression, using an unforced passing error to set up a crisp lineout and driving maul. BYU didn’t join in an attempt to draw a penalty, but as the maul sprinted down field, a defender panicked, joined the maul and legitimized the drive. The defense then swarmed to halt the try just in time. A penalty later followed to extend the Virginia Tech attack, but back-to-back errant passes eventually ended the Hokies’ first big scoring opportunity.

BYU had its penalty issues and took a yellow card for repeated infringements at the breakdown, but those mistakes didn’t occur as the result of buckling under pressure. They were aggressive, yet ill disciplined mistakes – in-from-the-side or diving-over penalties while trying to steal the ruck.

Aside from those missteps, the Cougars’ ability to poach possession was a difference-maker. Just when Virginia Tech looked like it was building some continuity or put itself in the position for a steal, BYU took the ball back. Lineouts were also vulnerable. Obviously it was tactically important, but it was also emotionally dampening for the Hokies.

BYU Advances to DI College Spring Championship

UC Irvine 2019 - BYU W Rugby

Saturday April 20, 2019 - Cougar Rugby News Editor

UC Irvine, CA - The BYU Women's Rugby Cougars punched their ticket to the DI College Spring Championship in Matthews-Charlotte, North Carolina on May 4th, by defeating Stanford on Friday April 19, 65 - 0 in the Quarterfinal, and then took care of a strong UC Santa Barbara side on Saturday April 20, winning that Semifinal game by 49 - 7.

On the weekend, the Cougars' defense took it to Stanford and UCSB and nearly pulled off a complete shutout scoring a combined 114 - 7 in two games. UC Santa Barbara's try came from an intercept when BYU was on attack inside UCSB half.

During the Stanford game, the Cardinals applied pressure in the beginning of the game Friday, and it took awhile for the Cougars to regain control and started putting points on the board. BYU led 24 - 0 at the half through tries from Alisa Baker (2), Pamela Patton, and Rachel Strasdas. BYU finished the day with putting up 65 unanswered points through tries from Elle Peterson, Matalasi Morrissette, Sandy Kanuch, Hannah Beagley, Pamela Patton and Tiana Tolman.

The Saturday, UCSB vs BYU semifinal match up was the most anticipated game that the rugby crowd was looking forward to see this past weekend. There was about 20 minutes of rugby where the two teams applied pressure on each others goal line. BYU drew first points through Heather Erickson with a try in the corner. This was followed by tries to Hannah Beagley, Sandy Kanuch, and Lora Gubler. BYU led 20 - 0 at the half with kickers finding it hard to land conversions against the wind.

BYU Coach Tom Waqa, had a lot to say in the halftime huddle, and demanded more from the players, "You have 40 minutes left to empty your tank. If your tank is not empty then you keep giving 100%. We need the W."