BYU's Newest Extramural Sports Programs Oct 8, 2015

BYU adds two teams to its extramural sports program

Brigham Young University is adding two new women’s teams to its extramural sports programs, which currently includes five teams. The two new sports are women’s rugby and women’s lacrosse.

The current program includes men’s lacrosse, men’s rugby, men’s soccer and men’s and women’s racquetball. The extramural program falls under the direction of Student Life at BYU. Teams in this program compete outside of the university. 

“We are excited to add these women’s teams to our program, said Morris Havea, director of Extramural Sports at BYU. “These teams are well prepared to compete. We are pleased to have them represent BYU.”

The coaches for the two women’s teams have not yet been named, although a search is currently underway for both positions. Once named the coaches will determine their teams and 2016 schedules.