BYU travels to take on Colorado Mesa University

GRAND JUNCTION, CO- BYU met Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday, Oct.19th. 

The Cougars started the game with a quick pace allowing, inside center Delaney Rakuita, to find the try line in the 4th minute. The BYU backs continued to use their speed and charged CMU’s defense before they had time to set up. Flyhalf, Matalasi Morrissette and wing Alisa Baker soon followed with tries as well. 

CMU was quick to counter BYU’s rucks, but forwards such as Taylor Johnston and Kylie Clark continued to charge through and gain yards. 

At the half, BYU led 46-0.

With a few substitutions, BYU played just as quickly during the second half as they had in the first. CMU battled hard, but strong runs by Nicole Wilson and Morrissette continued to add to BYU’s score. BYU finished their tally at 112-0.

The Cougars will take on UVU on Oct. 26th at Helaman Fields in Provo. 

Scoring Summary 

Tries - Rakuita (4’), Morrissette (7’, 58’), Baker (10’, 14’), Johnston (26’, 36’, 38’), Aspinall (32’, 46’), Kalaniuvalu (43’, 54’), Duce (48’), Beagley (52’, 65’), Wilson (61’), Bennion (67’), Cox (71’)

Conversions - Baker (5’,16’, 40’, 47’), Cox (53’, 56’, 60’, 62’, 66’, 69’, 72’)

Halftime Score - BYU 46, CMU 0 

Final Score - BYU 112, CMU 0

BYU Starting Lineup

1. Pamela Patton 2. Elisa Monroe 3. Emily Briggs 4. Marin Spears 5. Marion Morrow 6. Teisa Kalaniuvalu 7. Kylie Clark 8. Taylor Johnston 9. Christina Miller 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. BreAnn Duce 12. Delaney Rakuita 13. Lewanda Aspinall 14. Alisa Baker 15. Nicole Wilson