BYU Beats Montana State 88-5

BYU Cougars

October 12, 2019- The BYU Cougars traveled to Bozeman, MT to take on Montana State University.

The Cougars started quickly with a forward-driven try by Marin Spears in the second minute. The forwards continued to power through the MSU defense allowing Alisa Baker and Kylie Clark to add to the scoreboard. A few minutes later, Tiana Tolman sprinted dizzyingly fast on the sideline to take in a 50-yard try. 

Both teams continued to battle for possession with the Cougars finding holes in MSU’s defensive line. MSU’s number four made hard runs to progress the Bobcats up the field, but at the half BYU led 51–0.

Both teams started the new half fighting for possession. Junior wing, Baylie Duce quickly took advantage of MSU’s dropped pass to start the scoring again for the Cougars.

MSU battled through and scored a last-minute try to finish the game 88– 5.

BYU is scheduled to play CMU on Oct.19th and UVU on Oct. 26th.

Scoring Summary 

Tries - Spears (2’), Baker (4’, 10’), Clark (7’, 30’), Tolman (14’), Morrissette (17’), Duce (22’, 49’, 64’), Kalaniuvalu (41’), Christensen (61’), Cox (68’), Wilson (73’), MSU (81’)

Conversions - Tolman (5’, 11’, 15’, 18’, 23’, 31’, 50’), Baker (69’, 75’)

Halftime Score - BYU 57  MSU 0 

Final Score - BYU 88, MSU 5

BYU Starting Lineup

1. Pamela Patton 2. Cierrah Garza 3. Hannah Beagley 4. Marin Spears 5. Marion Morrow 6. Tiesa Kalaniuvalu 7. Kylie Clark 8. Taylor Johnston 9. Christina Miller 10. Matalasi Morrissette 11. Baylie Duce 12. Delaney Rakuita 13. Lewanda Aspinall 14. Alisa Baker 15. Tiana Tolman