Utah College DI Women's Rugby

BYU Handles USU in DI College Friendly

Saturday February 17, 2018 - 3:00pm Cougar Rugby News

Provo, UT - It was a fine day at Fort Utah Park when Utah State Women's Rugby visited Provo again at 1:00pm MST Saturday February 17, after a long hiatus spanning almost a decade. Fort Utah was the name of the first and second forts built in Provo when the settlers arrived in 1849. The first fort was located south of the Provo River about where I-15 crosses the Provo River today. It is the home of the official Provo City Rugby Field, one of the very few cities in the country with a designated rugby field for the community to play on.

It is only fitting that the game be played there, where (BYU) Womens Cougars and USU left off many years ago.

The game started really well for both sides. USU enjoyed some early possesion and put pressure on BYU's defense. The crowd can see talent on both sides, especially with USU #12 Jaynee Taufoou establishing some good dominating runs in the midfield.

BYU #9 Brooklyn Grange openned the scoring within 7 minutes into the game. This was followed by tries to Ogden, Taito, and McFadyen to put BYU up in half. BYU kickers struggled to convert these tries for more points. The score held 20-0 with BYU leading into halftime.

The second half started with BYU putting on some quick phases and #15 Janette Taufa dived over for the try beside the post. Reserve wing McFadyen converted to make it 27 - 0. Robinson ran a good line, and score with was again converted by McFadyen. BYU started to move the ball and make grounds as the defense started to tire. Taulapapa, Skipps, Taito, and Hinckley all added tries in the second half to end a good outing for Cougars. BYU had a good day in the tackling department as they held USU without any points for the day.